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The Cheltenham Times are very happy to partner up with a local marketing company to offer free Marketing advice for website owners.


Juicy SEO Limited are a successful online marketing company based in Cheltenham providing marketing advice to small, medium and large businesses. With over 10 years of experience to draw from and very successful online marketing campaigns in a wide range of industries they have the knowledge to pass on to you, and it’s all FREE!


Juicy SEO will be writing a post each week offering useful and relevant online marketing advice which will help your website perform better, by increasing traffic.
The posts will be easy to follow, so if you are new to running a website it should be nice and easy to make the changes needed. We will open up the comments section under each of the posts so you can ask any questions about the post and Juicy SEO have kindly said they will do their best to reply to as many as possible.


We will let you know what the following week’s post will be in advance so you can get your questions ready.


So on to the first post which will be published next week on 26th May called:


Does it make a difference which website platform to use?


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