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Cheltenham Taxis

 Cheltenham Taxis

Cheltenham has quite the selection of Taxi companies so you shouldn’t be stuck trying to get one. The prices for each company do vary so worth a look around if you are travelling a long distance. We have selected 10 random Cheltenham taxi companies and asked for quotes to all the main Airport, the results are below.


 Cheltenham Taxis: travelling to the main Airports

Destination Time Best Price Ave Price Worse Price
Birmingham Airport 1hr £60 £75 £85
Bristol Airport 1hr £60 £75 £85
Heathrow Airport 1h 30mins £95 £110 £120
Gatwick Airport 2hrs 30mins £125 £135 £145
Manchester Airport 2hrs 30mins £125 £140 £150
East Midlands Airport 1hr 30mins £90 £100 £105
Luton Airport 2hrs £120 £120 £120
Stansted Airport 2h 30mins £125 £135 £150
Cardiff Airport 1h 40mins £90 £100 £110
Southampton Airport 1h 50mins £130 £150 £190


As well as the main airports we asked the Cheltenham taxi companies to quote on other popular destinations, our results are below:


Destination Time Best Price Ave Price Worse Price
Dover 1hr £250 £260 £270
Swindon 1hr £50 £55 £60
Central London 1h 30mins £125 £135 £170
Docklands 2hrs 30mins £130 £140 £180


Taxi Ranks in Cheltenham

There are many taxi ranks in the centre of Cheltenham so you shouldn’t have trouble find one.


Children in Taxis

Taxis in Cheltenham are required to ensure that all children travelling in the taxi must use a child seat. However if the child is 3 years old or less they can travel in the rear of the taxi without a seat belt if there isn’t a child seat belt available.


 Paying Cheltenham Taxis

If you are not happy handing over cash to taxi drivers and if you book your taxi in advance many cheltenham taxi companies will allow you to pay over the phone using your credit card or by their website. Otherwise you will be required to pay at the end of the trip.


Sight seeing Cheltenham by Taxi

A new area taxi companies are moving into is sight seeing tours around Cheltenham and the Cotswolds. They offer the service by the hour and will also tell you about the local area.


Students travelling by Cheltenham Taxis

If you are a student it is worth asking if you get a discount when booking your taxi, many Cheltenham taxis do offer a discount.


Taxi Safety

Taxi drivers should have passed a CRB test, if you are concerned it worth asking at time of booking.


Larger Taxis

Not all taxi companies in Cheltenham have bigger vehicles to cater for more than 4 people, if you require a bigger vehicle it would help if you book further in advance than normal.


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