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The Cheltenham races are a wonderful day out and a chance to really show off your individual style.  However, the difference between looking great and being a fashion flop is often quite small.  Here are some valuable fashion tips for ladies attending the Cheltenham races!


Take Note of Trends

It’s useful to take note of what people have been wearing to other racing carnivals through the year.  This year has seen a lot of faux fur, leather boots, feathery head pieces, Cossack hats (inspired by Pippa Middleton), demure woollen jackets and random splashes of colour.


Don’t feel obliged to precisely copy a style that you see.  Take elements from that look and incorporate it into other styles you feel comfortable with.


Choose the Right Headpiece

If you decide to wear a headpiece to the races, there are a number of considerations to remember.   You should select a headpiece that compliments your hairstyle.  For example, if you intend to put a lot of volume into your hair, there is no point constricting it with a Cossack hat or headband.


Consider wearing your headpiece at an angle and intelligently designing your hair to match that angle.  The headpiece and hair style should complement each other, creating a strong look. Traditionally, headpieces are set on the right side of the head, but it’s worth experimenting to find the best location for your face shape and hair style.


Use bobby pins to quickly make adjustments for your hair and match it to the head piece.  If it’s a windy day at the races, they will really come in handy!


As a general rule large headpieces work well with flowing hair and pony tails.  Medium sized head pieces work well with on a loose bun or messy top knot.  The smallest headpieces and headbands can work well with any kind of hair style.


Choose a Classic Hair Styles That You Know Work

There are a number of hair styles that have proven popular for many decades and with good reason — they look fantastic and are quite flexible.


Simple variations on the pony tail can look great with certain head pieces and are simple to manage.  The pony tail is also a traditional look that fits in with the themes of horses and equestrian riding.  The fishtail braid has also been a popular look for race goers in recent years and has a similar effect to the pony tail.


Flowing hair and soft curls to one side are a gorgeous look that can be offset with a headpiece.  If you have long hair, style it so it falls over your left should and position your headpiece on the right.  A beautiful and feminine look.


Use intricately coiled buns in conjunction with a medium sized head piece.  A bun has the advantage of being easy to manage and when combined with the right head piece delivers a classic look.  Combine a bun with hair clips, pins and other objects (use your imagination) to add some style and individual flair!  You could also use a high bun and completely skip the headpiece.


General Race Day Hair Tips

Be wary of intricate hair styles which look great in the salon but require a lot of work to maintain.  It’s a long day and your hair will may be exposed to sunlight, windy conditions and potentially rain!  An intricate hair style might collapse in the elements and turn into a complete mess.


Avoid touching your hair too much throughout the day, it is more likely to become messy as you fiddle with it.  It’s also a good idea to take a small can of hair spray with you to maintain your hairstyle.

Speaking of hairstyles, make sure you book yourself into a Cheltenham Hairdressers in advance as they get very busy when the races are on!

Enjoy yourself at the races!

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