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Cheltenham Ladies College

Established in 1854 Cheltenham Ladies College has become a pioneer for the education of young women and has seen many ladies become successful in their prospective fields. Offering the care and attention of highly skilled, experienced and qualified staff the ladies at Cheltenham Ladies College surpass all expectations and obtain impressive grades in all examinations from GCSEs to IB examinations.

With 160 years of experience the Cheltenham Ladies College is one of the largest boarding and day girls roster in Europe. With a team of staff who care about all the ladies as individuals the successes of the establishment are shown not only through examination grades but through extra curricular and charitable events.

A benefit of attending such a large scholastic environment is that the ladies can in effect create their own personalised timetable. With so many subjects available the ladies can tailor their learning to achieve their most desired results. For ladies who have a clear vision of where they want to go in life this enables them to follow their dreams and to become as successful as they can. All the classes are small so all the ladies get an equal opportunity to take part and to develop their self confidence in group participation.

Educational support and mentoring is available to all the ladies at the college and assistance is also available to them to apply for further education. Many ladies from Cheltenham Ladies College continue on to university and some even choose to study in other countries such as Japan, America and the Czech Republic. Whatever path the ladies decide to take the dedicated staff support them and provide the resources they need.

Personal development is just as important as education at Cheltenham Ladies College. Encouraging all the ladies to take extra co-curricular activities which enable them to practise the hobbies they have a passion for helps to prepare the young women for their lives ahead outside of the college. By nurturing their creativity, passion and integrity the ladies leave the college as confident and courageous young women.

The co-curricular activities available are just as unique as all the ladies. Each individual lady has her own passions and qualities so Cheltenham Ladies College provide various societies, clubs and sporting groups to nourish the passions of the ladies. The arts are also explored in co activities including additional lessons in music and performing in house productions.
Social responsibility is a crucial part of Cheltenham Ladies College’s existence. Supporting a different selection of charities each year, chosen by staff and the ladies, fundraising activities are performed to generate the needed money for the charities. Many charity events are organised by the ladies themselves including dressing up days and other bigger events such as the annual talent show. By having these fundamental social activities relationships are built between the organisations and opens opportunities for the ladies. Many of which have often chosen to take a gap year in order to fulfil a placement with one of the supported charities.


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