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Toni and Guy Hairdressers in Cheltenham – Review

Business: Toni and Guy – Cheltenham branch

Location: 1 Ormond Place, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1JD

Date of Review: 2017

Reason of Review: Staff member needed a haircut

Link to their website: Click Here

Booking the appointment

Like many hair salons Toni and Guy use a booking system to organise their appointments. Although their booking system works fine there are areas which could be improved.

For example: The searching for available slots in your chosen hairdresser could be both displayed better and offer more options.

Rating out of 5


Toni and Guy in Cheltenham is located between the lower promenade and the Regency Arcade opposite Beards the jewelers. It looks like every other Toni and Guy hairdressers, which makes it easy to identify.
The nearest Parking is a couple minutes walk either on meter on the promenade or in the multistory car park in Recency Arcade.

Rating out of 5

Greeting from the staff

I have been to this Toni and Guy several times so can provide a decent review spread over many visits.
Every time I have been greeted with a smiley lady from behind the reception desk and comes across professional and on the ball.
Depending on your hairdresser and if they are running late or not will dictate how long you will have to wait to be seated. That I guess is the problem with larger chain type hairdressers which are popular and squeeze you into a time slot. I often get the feeling of being a number on a conveyor belt than a person here.
More often than not I get seen within 10 minutes, I guess that depends on your expectations if that is a long time or not, I think it is.
If the hairdresser knows they will not get to see you within 10 minutes they often send a ‘trainee’ to pick you up and get you seated with a cup of tea whilst you wait for your hairdresser to be free.
To me this just adds to the ‘feeling like a number’ and lacks a personal service.

Rating out of 5

The Salon

The Toni and Guy Salon in Cheltenham is bright and airy with ‘standard’ hair products on display. Think a blueprint for a hairdressers and this one is fairly close.
I find the style lacks a bit of atmosphere, there is nothing there that jumps out makes you go “Wow I like that”. It’s missing something that I would remember and tell other people about it.
The Salon is clean and looks like a well oiled machine.

Rating out of 5

The Cut

As this review is on several visits to the Toni and Guy Salon I won’t review a specific cut from a certain stylist but instead as a whole, I will bundle them all up into one make believe hairdresser. I will call this made up hairdresser ‘Toni’.
All the hairdressers I used where from their top tier, so I would expect a good result.
They are clearly very good hairdressers, otherwise they wouldn’t last in their job. Unless you have a personal connection with them I found the conversation was very much the standard “Are you going anywhere nice on your holidays?”.
A fun game I like to play just to make sure they are listening and not in ‘auto’ mode is to answer with:
“Yes I’m off to Cheltenham”
if they are in ‘auto’ mode they will recognize the word Cheltenham and go along with it with a “ooh that will be nice”. If they are listening and look confused at my reply I say something like “oh I thought you said Where is home?”. Try it yourself!
Back to the cut, Toni has always given me a nice cut, some are better than others but that is only to be expected.

Rating out of 5

Leaving Love the Salon

Once all is complete head wise it’s the ejection out of the Salon time. Toni has always shown me to my coat, been pleasant and chatty. They hand you over to the receptionist who handles the payment, all very smooth.

And before you know it poof! Toni is gone and now working on another head of hair.

Is it me or does anyone feel that your hairdresser is cheating on you when you see them cutting the hair of someone else?

Rating out of 5

Overall impression of Toni and Guy in Cheltenham

Toni and Guy in Cheltenham is a nice hair Salon. If you are looking for a professional set up that offers pretty much everything you can do to your head of hair then you will be happy there.
If however, you are looking for a more personal touch and feel a little more special then Toni and Guy might not tick all your boxes.

Rating out of 5

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